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☜♥☞ 26/8/2010 近这几个月来工作都很疲惫,身子体质变弱了,害得我常抱病上班。

☜♥☞ 之前手提电脑被偷了,里头的照片全没了,还好LX-3里还有一些相片还没删除。。。。看来应该会有一阵子不会上blog写文章了。。。

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

☜♥☞My lovely minimo☜♥☞

My pictures, your pictures, pictures of the world, pictures of fleeting moments, secret passions, boring brou-ha, left toes, blurred nothings. Simply everything. That's about Lomography.

10 Golden Rules:

01 : Take your LOMO with you EVERYWHERE you go

02 : Use it all the time, every time DAY AND NIGHT

03 : LOMO does not interfere with YOUR LIFE, it's part of it

04 : Get as CLOSE as possible to the objects of your Lomographic desire

05 : Don't think

06 : Be quick

07 : You don't have to know what you're shooting

08 : You don't have to recognize what you've shot

09 : Shoot from the hip and over your head

10 : Don't worry about rules

Just receive my minimo today. Minimo is a limited edition of digital camera with lomo effect, functioned with DSC, video camera and PC camera.

I odered the side accessories too (not minimo origin)

My 2 test shot. Since it's too mini, it's hard to adjust through the view finder to get a shot with the right subject.

Honestly, I still prefer to own a real lomo camera. I think I just need to put it at the bottom of my wish list...haha.