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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

FiFi爱臭美: 我要当狗明星

Fifi has subcribed to be a member of Chua's Family for almost 1month.

Everyone love her so much, even my mum who used to scare of dog.

What to do?

Fifi is so cute that no one can stop to like her.

Honestly, I think Fifi has great potential to be a super dog star.

At least, she is our super star....Fifi rocks!!!

Fifi is so happy with her new gadget....

Looks familiar? Starbucks? No, that is Fifi's "Stop Bark" shirt.

more shots~~~~~~~~~

I laughed non-stop when I got this shot...taken when Fifi was doing lip-licking.
I know, she want to be Amber Chia....kakaka.

here I come~~~~

~Sexy post, =p


ET女子 said...

stop bark?haha~
i love the 1st photo, so cute n adorable!!

Akira 思胜 said...

Haha, got cloth somemore! XD

GeOk kEE好きな♡ うち said...

cute shirt right? haha...
I also like the 1st photo so much~

Yes, that's why ppl say nowadays dog's life is even better now as ppl spend so much money on them...haha~

Somewhere in Singapore said...

cute cute dog neh...

GeOk kEE好きな♡ うち said...

Somewhere in Singapore:
Of course cute...just because she is my lovely dog, hehe...

fufu said...

wow cute but i dont like dog or cat!!! >.<

GeOk kEE好きな♡ うち said...

Why? haha..I notice that your name just 2 alphabets different from Fifi...Be friend with her la...I promise that she will not bite you =)

Mei-Wah said...

ehhhh totemo kawaii desune!!! :)

GeOk kEE好きな♡ うち said...

Soudesu...Hontoni kawaii desu...

sock peng said...

t shirt very cute

Vincent Cho said...

so cute! >.<

天狼星 Ivanov said...

我还以为你狗狗给STARBUCK代言去了,哈哈!可爱啦~ 给我抱一下可以吗?

阿Don said...

i thought is starbuck..
who know ..

GeOk kEE好きな♡ うち said...

sock peng:
cute right? I bought it from Giant...hehe~~

Vincent Cho:
For sure, Fifi will be very happy to hear that...haha.

天狼星 Ivanov:
可以, 一下就好。。。呵呵~

haha...during the first sight on that shirt, I was in love with it and I couldn't wait to let my Fifi to wear it....The design is so funny and creative.

BeverLy's Secret said...

Lovely fifi... Cute one ;)

迷迭香 said...

so cute!!
got t-shirt some more ~ ^O^

GeOk kEE好きな♡ うち said...

yup, she is so cute and also looks plumpy like me...kakaka

cute right? but expensive loh that shirt...

Bombomba said...

she really really cute..
ya... i also though is starbuck logo once look at the shirt :p

GeOk kEE好きな♡ うち said...

ya, she is really cute until everyone also manja her already.

龍貓 said...